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Over the course of our lives, we acquire wealth, property, and other assets that are valuable to us and our families. To pass them down to our children and loved ones, everyone should have a last will and testament that will clearly state how they want  property and financial assets distributed.  With LegacyArmour, you can get your will done in 15 mins, then store it in an encrypted vault,  scheduled for delivery to beneficiaries ONLY if something happened to you; All automatic and confidential. We have made it our mission to prevent unclaimed benefits one person at a time!

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What Happens if Someone Passes without a Final Will Testament?

If somebody dies without a will, his/her estate will be divided according to their state’s intestacy laws. Generally speaking, their property will be equally divided between the surviving spouse, children, and relatives depending on the marital status. Such situations can sometimes lead to families fraying at the seems, becoming embattled in lawsuits over how best to divide your property. Keep in mind that intestacy laws vary by state.

With LegacyArmour, it’s up to you to protect loved ones by making sure your will is up-to-date and that they can easily access it especially at times were they might desprately need it if you were not around. LegacyArmour is an asset protection platform that offers the peace of mind by making sure there will be no surprises if you pass away. Remember, it’s critical to get your financial information in order before it’s too late so that nothing can go against your wishes and your family’s needs. And we are here to help you with that and even more.

Number of Americans Without Wills

Almost 71.6% of Americans do not have an up-to-date Will. We rarely see the number of out-of-date Wills reported, but it makes a significant difference to the story and clearly demonstrates that there are significant improvements needed in the way that Will writing is presented to Americans.

USLegalWills, 2018

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Have Control Over how Your Estate is Distributed

It is always best to have a final will and testament that is written so that everyone can understand how you wanted your estate to be divided. Only you know best how to distribute your property. To make sure that everything is covered, it is always best to hire a qualified solicitor to make sure that there are no problems or disagreements between the members of your family.

 Join LegacyArmour today to ensure that your assets will be in order even in case of the unexpected turn of events!

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last Will and Testament
last Will and Testament

We Can Also Refer You to a Lawyer Specializing in Wills to help!

Many people die without wills and the decisions on how their estates are divided up are left to complete strangers who know nothing about the families people like you are leaving behind. Do not let this happen to you and your family. Let us set you up with professional making a will solicitors who have the legal knowledge to help pass on your legacy to future generations.

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Frequently Asked Questions


LegacyArmour offers a full, comprehensive suite of sales and marketing automation to keep your communication effective. None of our competitors offer a fully integrated suite like Agile and they are at least 5x more expensive.


Estate planning can be a very complicated process, which is why you need someone with the legal education necessary to write your will. Our solicitors will sit with you and list everything you own, and then you will detail to whom you want to bequeath your property. They will also make sure that any previous wills you have written are nullified. Once your will is completed, you will have a document whose intent and meaning are clear.


As secure as is humanly and technologically possible! Our system is built from the ground up to ensure that your data is safe. We encrypt your data before being uploaded so that hackers can't access it during upload or download, and only you and your recipients have the keys to decrypt it. Nobody but you, your delegate, and your recipients can decrypt the Vault, not even us.


There are a number of reasons why people do not write their wills, the main one being that death is perceived as an event that will not happen for a very long time, so they decide to put it off and do things they believe are more important. But, unexpected things can happen, which is why you need to be prepared.



  • Complete Life Monitoring with Automated Delivery
  • 1 TB Encrypted Storage
  • Up to 6 Recipients & Unlimited Vault Delivery
  • Estate Plan Legal Documents Included ($199 Value)
  • Medical & Health Directive Card Provided ($35 Value)

Secure Encrypted Vaults protect your assets' relevant information and documentation.


Automatic Delivery to recipients based on a chosen date or if you were to pass away or get incapacitated.

All-in-One Platform

Lawyer approved Estate Planning Documents included.

Easy to Use

Asset Protection Checklist tracks your progress.