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LegacyArmour can help you! We give you peace of mind knowing your loved ones are safe when the time comes whether on your own or with an advisor.


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LegacyArmour - The Legacy Planning Platform of Tomorrow!

Everyone and everything is going digital. Your social security data, health insurance, financial accounts and every important piece of information about you is saved somewhere electronically. The big question is: what happens to all this information after you are gone? Will your loved ones have access to your assets? Will they know where to find all of your important information when they need it?

LegacyArmour's innovative legacy security services help you prepare your estate, encrypt the information you want protected, and store it safely in secure digital vaults until it is time to deliver it automatically to your beneficiaries. Included in the LegacyArmour platform are tools to help you organize your assets and a powerful Artificial Intelligence engine that will identify when it is time to deliver your information.

You Are in Control!

You can designate if your information should be delivered on a certain date, or if our artificial intelligence engine will identify that something might have happened to you and only then deliver your information to your beneficiaries.

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  • Lawyer approved Estate Planning Documents included.
  • Legacy Planning Checklist tracks your progress.
  • Secure Encrypted Vaults secure your information with personalized messages for each recipient.
  • Automatic Delivery to recipients based on a chosen date or life monitoring.
  • Wallet card to grant EMS access to your Health Vault containing your health information.
  • Life Insurance Quoter tool to receive competitive insurance quotes from dozens of carriers.
  • The Smythe's

    We now have the peace of mind, knowing we have made the right decision in protecting what is most important to us; our family and our legacy.

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    Sarah S.

    I don't have many assets yet, but I gave my parents a prepaid subscription to LegacyArmour as a gift to make sure I have access to their health, legal and estate information in case of an emergency!

Protecting What Matters In Four Easy Steps.

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Choose What Will Trigger the Delivery

Your vaults can be delivered manually, on a specific date, or only if something happens to you.

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Select Who Will Receive Your Vaults

Each vault can have up to two designated recipients, with instructions from you to them.

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Select Delegates To Manage the Content

Each vault can also have Delegates. These are people you trust who can manage the content of the Vault before it gets delivered -- your attorney or your spouse, for example.

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Upload Your Files Securely to The Vault

Organize your information and upload it to the vault where it is securely stored. Nobody but you and the people you authorize can see the contents. Your legacy is now secured!

If you prefer to work with an advisor, we can put you in contact with a trusted professional near you. Select the option below, enter your contact information and a professional advisor will contact you promptly to help you plan your legacy.

Legacy Services with Maximum Security

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Your Information Is Safe

A LegacyArmour vault is a critical part of most family legacy counseling plans. There are a lot of family legacy counseling companies on the market. So, what sets us apart from others?

We provide you with the highest level of security that goes beyond military grade and bank level encryption. Most companies only encrypt data after it is uploaded. We encrypt your important information before it is uploaded to us.

By doing this we can guarantee that even if hackers intercept the information, they will not be able to decipher it. The LegacyArmour platform was designed and built by certified security professionals driven by a passion to protect your privacy!

Read more about our security practices here.

Legacy Planning Made Easy, On Your Own or With a Legacy Consultant.

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LegacyArmour is the perfect tool to plan your legacy, either on your own or with a trusted advisor. You can use our extensive set of tools to plan your estate and financials yourself, or if you wish to plan your estate with the assistance of a professional, you can access our trusted advisors' network to find the right advisor for you in your vicinity. Simply select the option below, enter your contact information, and a professional advisor will contact you soon.

In a Nutshell! Life Happens!

  • Legacy planning is not something that you can just do once and forget about. Your estate needs constant updating as your business grows, your family ages, you buy or sell property and your assets change over time. You can access your LegacyArmour vault at any time in the future to add, remove, or change information, change passphrases, or to add or replace recipients.
  • Show your loved ones that you care about them by planning your legacy ahead of time to ensure that they will receive all your important legal documents (like your will, health insurance, financial information, and your social media passwords) in the event of your death or incapacitation. You can even save a video message for them in your vault!
  • Your own personal legacy planner platform allows you to store all your documents safely in one place. Physical safes can be broken into and its content can be destroyed by fire or flood. Save your crucial data encrypted in a secure digital vault where it is kept safe from intrusion or natural disasters. LegacyArmour has the legacy planning solutions you need to give you and your loved ones the peace of mind you deserve!

Have Any Questions?

  • Q How does your life monitoring work?
    A Unlike most other companies, we use multiple methods to monitor your well-being. We check the vault owner's SSN against the social security master death file. We send the vault owner a "heartbeat" through text message or email on a custom schedule, and then trigger a delivery if no response is received after a certain period, and we use Artificial Intelligence to examine a vault owner's digital footprint.
  • Q How secure is LegacyArmour?
    A As secure as is humanly and technologically possible! Our system is built from the ground up to ensure that your data is safe. We encrypt your data before being uploaded so that hackers can't access it during upload or download, and only you and your recipients have the keys to decrypt it. Nobody but you, your delegate, and your recipients can decrypt the Vault, not even us.

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