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What is LegacyArmour?

LegacyArmour is a life monitoring platform where you can store business-critical information in LegacyArmour secure vaults, and we have it delivered to designated personnel only if something happened to you or to other key executives

Key Features

You will be given multiple encrypted vaults and assign different recipients, so you can choose what information gets automatically delivered to whom based on different delivery options such as date, death or even incapacitation. You have full control!

Connect your financial accounts and designate auto delivery of bank names, account numbers, and balances to select family members if something happens.

Estate planning templates for US, UK & Canada included, with step-by-step guides for your convenience. These are up-to-date legal documents that you can fill out, notarize and store the digital copy of in any of your vaults.

Two wallet-size health cards are provided for you and an additional family member. Each will include emergency contacts, medications, allergies and a link to your health directive for medical services to access if needed

A legacy planning checklist to ensure that you have protected all essential information, such as estate documents, videos, pictures, insurance & financials, even social media and online accounts.

Most Importantly! Secure, encrypted storage with our customer care team checking on you when necessary and ensuring loved ones have access to ALL of the information instantly, from a centralized location using a secure link if something happened to you.

Why use LegacyArmour?

Succession Planning

Ensure that business succession documents are available to the right people at the right time

Layered Security

Each department vault is assigned passphrases specific to the information owner and their recipients

Malware Protection

75 Percent of corporate assets are digital in nature, thus susceptible to malware


Each department can have its own data securely stored, and delivery scheduled to different personnel

How it Works

Choose Delivery Trigger

For each department vault, you may deliver data manually, on a date, after death or incapacitation

Select Your Recipients

Designate up to two recipients for each department vault

Select Your Delegates

Designate others to manage the content of your department vaults for you

Upload Your Files

Upload buy/sell agreement, trusts, intellectual property, insurance, financial and legal information


We encrypt your client files with customized encryption keys so that only you, your client and their recipients can decrypt that information

Most sites that claim to encrypt files only do it after they are uploaded

Why does that make a difference?

Because if files are encrypted after uploading, that means that any hacker could intercept your files as they were being uploaded

Read more about security here!

Features of LegacyArmour

  • Encrypted vaults to secure documents
  • Integrated malware scan before uploads
  • Encrypted vaults cannot be decrypted by a 3rd party
  • Automatic delivery of documents to designated recipients
  • Personalized messages for each recipient
  • Custom vault passphrase for each recipient to protect data when it is delivered
  • Delivery based on date, death or incapacitation
  • Annual reminders to keep recipient information up-to-date
  • Instructions for website credentials and social media accounts for each department vault