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An All-in-one center with all the tools you need to secure important assets against ransomeware or loss over years combined with automatic delivery to persons of interest in the future

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What is LegacyArmour?

LegacyArmour is a Global Online Service that Secures Corporate and Clients' Assets Against Ransomeware or Data Loss By Storing that Information in Encrypted Vaults and Scheduling it for Delivery to Designated Recipients Only If An Adverse Event Took Place

LegacyArmour is a brilliant and much needed service. It is one of the most innovative businesses I've seen in a long time!

- John Himebook CTO SunGuard Data Systems

Watch how LegacyArmour can partner with your Business!

Features of LegacyArmour

  • Encrypted Vaults to Secure Documents
  • Multiple Vault options
  • Encrypted Vaults cannot be decrypted by a 3rd Party
  • Protection Against Ransomeware Before Uploads
  • Automatic Delivery of Documents to Designated Recipients
  • Limited access to Health Directive by EMS services via EMS Wallet Card
  • Delivery based on Date, Death or Incapacitation
  • Annual Reminders to keep Recipient information up-to-date
  • Secure Instructions for Websites' Credentials and Social Media accounts

Why use LegacyArmour?

Value for Your Business

  • Protect your intellectual property from hackers or loss when employees leave
  • Increase client base & revenue by adding a security service to your business portfolio demonstrating awareness of your clients’ privacy concerns.
  • You can independently manage your client’s assets as needed

Value for Your Client

  • An award-winning, end-to-end, secure system with custom encryption that only you, your client, and their recipients can decrypt
  • The convenience of a “Set-it-and-Forget-it” designed system that takes no maintenance on their part once it is set up.
  • Multiple triggers and options for delivery to satisfy every need.

The result is a collaborative secure platform between your clients and you that will maintain your relationship over the years. It’s a win-win for you and for your clients.

How it Works

Enable your Brand

We customize your pricing plan and branding

Advise your clients

Deeper discounts for higher volume

We do the rest!

Technology, Customer Service, Billing...we've got it covered!

That's it! LegacyArmour will put your brand in front of your clients while securing their files and acting when the time is right to deliver it to their designated recipients.


We encrypt your client’s files with customized encryption keys so that only they and their recipients can decrypt that information

We encrypt your capsule on your personal computer before your files are uploaded to LegacyArmour.

Most sites that claim to encrypt your files only do it after they are uploaded.

Why does that make a difference?

Because if your files are encrypted after uploading, that means that any hacker could intercept your files as they were being uploaded. By encrypting everything ...

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