Store Your Cryptocurrency With LegacyArmour Vaults

Though cryptocurrency is an encrypted digital currency and it is distributed on the blockchain, the concern for a security breach cannot be ruled out here. Having said that, we mean, there are two critical components in the use of cryptocurrency that you must not overlook namely the security of your access credentials and the devices that you use to access the cryptocurrency wallet. In other words, security of your wallet is a shared responsibility involving you and your security service provider. However, companies like LegacyArmour have developed encrypted e-vaults that protect your currency wallet with a hundred percent infallibility.

Is cryptocurrency safe?

Yes, cryptocurrency is safe. It is a digital currency and it is distributed on multiple blockchains in the public and private domain. However, it is not a hundred percent safe instrument unless you too work in a safe environment. Therefore, to secure your digital currency, you must take a good care of the things that can potentially expose your wallet to the online threats.

What is cryptocurrency wallet?

Like you, there may be hundreds who would love to know an answer here. This is true in view of the fact that cryptography and cryptology are often used interchangeably without understanding the basic difference between the two. To begin here with the right mindset, you must know that cryptography is the act of writing in secret codes (ciphers). On the flip side, cryptology is the science of analyzing codes.

However, a cryptocurrency wallet is essentially a software program with multiple blockchain interfaces while sending or receiving the digital currency and maintaining its balance online. In short, this wallet is a must for you if you are transacting online with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. At the same time, your wallet would invariably need additional security such as the encrypted e-vaults from the companies like LegacyArmour with a view to making it completely safe from its present vulnerability.

The USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of LegacyArmour vaults for cryptocurrency:

The USP of LegacyArmour vaults is manifold. You too will agree after using their vaults for the first time. Having said that, we mean, learning by experience will be a guiding factor here. However, the salient features that summarily would shape things for you are the following.

  • Malware scan: Here, every upload passes through an integrated malware scan and thus, your security remains uncompromised.
  • Multiple vaults: You have the flexibility of hiring more than one encrypted vaults bespoke to your need. As such, your security is protected further. For instance, you hire a separate vault for the medical records and other health-related documents. You allow a limited access to this vault only to a select few.
  • Delivery trigger: You will preselect a delivery date and timing of your legacy on attaining certain age or the death as per your choice.
  • Selection of recipients: You will preselect the recipients of your legacy such as the cryptocurrency thereby eliminate chances of its misuse.

In short, LegacyArmour vaults are always one step ahead of their time. Store your cryptocurrency into the LegacyArmour vaults and feel the difference.