2017 National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

2017 National Cybersecurity Awareness Month – Your Priority!

The evolution of science and technology has brought many changes since the time immemorial. The journey of the internet, for instance, began in the 1960’s. However, its real journey for the masses started much later. Along with it, came the malware. The purpose of designating October as the National Cybersecurity Month is to raise the awareness on the malware that can potentially rob anyone (an individual or a company) at any point. It also aims to keep the masses updated on the importance of staying secure online.

A malware is a computer program that threatens to harm your computer systems and may catch you for ransom just like the ransomware. As a matter of fact, Cybersecurity is the topmost agenda of the US federal government today. The federal government has dedicated the month October as the National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. All those put together indicates that digital assets are increasingly becoming the soft targets for the hackers around the world and the threat is palpably very high here.

However, it’s not all over. You can still protect your legacy taking the safe deposit boxes to your side. Having said that, we mean, encrypted e-vaults are available online that you can take to your advantage. The best part is that you can have multiple e-vaults bespoke to your unique needs. You will be happy know that with an increasing need for digitization of assets, Legacyarmour is now offering foolproof Cybersecurity services in the US. This, in other words, construes that you have a fair opportunity to protect the legacy here in the US provided you have hired the services of a reliable company for the specific job.

What you should do to protect your legacy:

  • Preselect legal heirs: You must pre-select your legal heirs and plan about handing over the legacy to them. However, you do not need to disclose the legal heirs of their legacy. Let your partner here do the onus for you.
  • Restrict third party access to your medical history: You will have the choice to make as regards accessing your medical history by the third party for the health checkups, medication, and surgery as may be fit in your case. The best part is that only basic information is shared with the third party in a business card format.
  • Working in a safe network: Always browse pages in safe networks. This, in turn, will maximize your safety on the digital assets.
  • Purchase encrypted vaults: Based on your exact requirement and the class of assets, you should buy more than one encrypted vaults. This will doubly ensure your security over the net.
  • Preselect auto delivery date and time: This is yet another important aspect to look at while protecting your legacy. You should choose the date and timing for the delivery of legacy to your legal heirs.

There are several Cybersecurity services available in the market including Legacyarmour who are working hard to protect your legacy. You can simply go by some guiding principles such as the reputation, years of doing business in your niche market, to choose the right one for you.

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