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Differentiate yourself from the competition when you offer them a service that protects them & their families.

Strengthen your client relationships beyond your initial engagament with them, so they come back for more business.

Collaborate effectively with your clients using the built-in tools provided to show them you care, and get notified if anything changes.

Agents & Advisors Like You Recognize Our Value!

Digital Strategy Partnerships
Securian Financial

"LegacyArmour’s innovation enhances communication between financial advisors, their clients and clients’ children,” and addresses the issue of unclaimed life insurance benefits."

Sal Sofia
IQS Insurance

"The insurance and financial services industry has never before had an innovative and strategic sales mechanism like this. LegacyArmour has done something unprecedented to changed and improve the way insurance is being handled."

John H.
CTO/Senior Vice President
Sungard Systems

"LegacyArmour is a brilliant and much needed service. It helped with our business readiness & succession planning. It is one of the most innovative services I've seen in a long time!"

ACCELERATE Your Business Growth

By Including Lifetime Protection of ALL Your Clients' Assets in Your Portfolio

Show Me How!

They'll want to do business with you!

Leaving the competition behind!

Key Features

Your own custom client dashboard to track their progress, stay in touch and offer additional services. Access to designated recipients' as additional contacts & warm leads.

Connect their financial accounts and designate auto delivery of bank names, account numbers, and balances to their family members if something happens.

Estate planning templates for US, UK & Canada included, with step-by-step guides for your clients' convenience.

Wallet health cards with your business name & contact information printed on front, provided for your client with a link to their health directive.

A legacy planning checklist to ensure that your clients have protected all their essential information, such as estate documents, videos, pictures, insurance & financials, even social media and online accounts.

Most Importantly! Secure, encrypted storage with our customer care team checking on them when necessary and ensuring loved ones have access to ALL of the assets instantly, from a centralized location using a secure link.

The Independent Agents & Advisors Guide to Faster, Sustainable Growth

Dump the old fashioned ways to attract new clients, and transform your business!

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Pricing Plan for All Firms

We're flexible and will customize a plan for everyone from a sole proprietor to a multi-national firm.
VIP Agent
  • Agent Specific Sales Tools
  • Client Status Alerts & Notifications
  • Branded Marketing
  • Billing (unlimited Clients)
  • Full Client Management Dashboard
  • Collaboration tools with clients

  • Flexible Plan Options
  • Bulk Agency Pricing
  • White-label Option Available
  • Referral Incentive Programs Available

Frequently Asked Questions

How secure is LegacyArmour?

Our system is built so that your data is encrypted before being uploaded. Only you and your recipients have the keys to decrypt it. This way, your unencrypted data never travels on the internet and cannot be intercepted. Nobody else can decrypt the Vault, not even us.

How does your life monitoring work?

We monitor the well-being of the customer in two steps. First, we check on the customer using passive methods and if our AI engine detects issues, we then have a customer care professional call them and expect a response. Failure to respond multipe times triggers the release of the Vaults.

What is your advisor referral network?

As a LegacyArmour Agent/Advisor, LegacyArmour will add you to its advisor referral network so that when clients signup on their own using our individual offering, they are given the option to contact an advisor. We will refer ones who reside geographically within your area.