• My Estate Plan

    Create Will, Power of Attorney, Health Directive & Save it in any vault

  • My Vaults

    Vaults are where you store your important information securely. We have created a secure vault for family photos, legal documents, health directives and even online accounts that we need secured, so that loved ones have access to them if something happens to you.

  • My Recipients

    Manage Recipients and beneficiaries of the information stored in all vaults here

  • My Delegates

    Financial advisor, Estate planners or other family members who will manage your vault content before it gets delivered to your recipients can be managed here

  • Scan History

    LegacyArmour can scan files for malware before uploading to your vaults. Here, you can see a history of scanning reports

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** For your convenience, each vault was named to designate people you would collaborate with and/or ones you would designate as recipients