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What is LegacyArmour?

LegacyArmour is an all-in-one life monitoring, wealth management, and estate planning platform designed so advisors can collaborate with their clients, then have their client information released to beneficiaries if something happens to them

All the Estate Planning tools needed to give your clients the peace of mind they need, then make their wishes known to their loved ones securely and easily

Automated Delivery of the information stored in the LegacyArmour vaults to designated recipients based on a date, death, or incapacitation

Why use LegacyArmour?

FINRA Compliance

Wealth Advisors can now advise their senior clients to designate beneficiaries using the LegacyArmour life monitoring service

Succession Planning

Ensure that individual and business succession documents are available for your client to release to the right people at the right time

Client Engagement

LegacyArmour client dashboard promotes real time collaboration with clients. When information is delivered to their beneficiaries, they are advised to contact you

Security & Privacy

Each vault is assigned passphrases specific to the information owner and their recipients so that 3rd parties cannot decrypt that information

How it Works

Add Client

Create a client profile within your LegacyArmour client dashboard

Advise Client

Create a client profile within your LegacyArmour client dashboard

Upload Documents

Create and upload documents into LegacyArmour vaults

Enable Life Monitoring

Select when & if the documents can be released to recipients

Features of LegacyArmour

  • Financial and estate planning tools included
  • Integrated malware scan before uploads
  • Encrypted vaults cannot be decrypted by a 3rd party
  • Automatic delivery of documents to designated recipients
  • Personalized messages for each recipient
  • Custom vault passphrase for each recipient to protect data when it is delivered
  • Delivery based on date, death, or incapacitation
  • Annual reminders to keep recipient information up-to-date
  • Instructions for website credentials and social media accounts


We encrypt your client files with customized encryption keys so that only you, your client and their recipients can decrypt that information

Most sites that claim to encrypt files only do it after they are uploaded

Why does that make a difference?

Because if files are encrypted after uploading, that means that any hacker could intercept your files as they were being uploaded

Read more about security here!