Secure Data Vaults with Malware Protection and Automated Delivery

Protect the future for you and your loved ones by ensuring they have access to all important information when they need it the most,
Securely and Easily

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What is LegacyArmour?

LegacyArmour is a Global Online Service That Secures Your Assets Against Ransomware or Data Loss By Storing That Information in Encrypted Vaults and Scheduling it for Delivery to Designated Recipients Only If An Adverse Event Took Place

Why use LegacyArmour?

Your Family

45% of Americans are in danger of passing without their wishes being known to loved ones

Your Money

Only $2.25 billion out of $43.95 Billion of unclaimed property are returned to its owner!

Your Health

Over 2/3 of the adult population have no Living Will or other advance directive. Make yours available when you need it the most!

Your Security

2,659 records are breached every minute by hackers and criminals!

Features of LegacyArmour

  • Encrypted Vaults to Secure Documents
  • Integrated Malware Scan
  • Encrypted Vaults cannot be decrypted by a 3rd Party
  • Automatic Delivery of Documents to Designated Recipients
  • Personalized Messages for each recipient
  • Limited access to Health Directive by EMS services via EMS Wallet Card
  • Delivery based on Date, Death or Incapacitation
  • Annual Reminders to keep Recipient information up-to-date
  • Secure Instructions for Websites' Credentials and Social Media accounts

How it Works

Choose Delivery Method

Deliver on a specific date or after your death or incapacitation

Select Your Recipients

Designate your recipients and add challenge questions only they can answer

Select your Collaborators

Choose others that can have access to your evault prior to delivery.

Upload Your Files

Upload anything digital from pictures and Video to will, legal documents, or health care directives

Watch how we do it!


Protect your family and your legacy. LegacyArmour protects your sensitive information for you and delivers it as you direct based on a date, your demise, or another life event.

Secure Your Legacy


Act as your client’s representative and help manage their assets with our unique “Collaborator” option that allows you to view, modify, or upload digital assets on your client’s behalf.

Find Out How


We encrypt your files with customized encryption keys so that only you and your recipients can decrypt that information

Most sites that claim to encrypt your files only do it after they are uploaded.

Why does that make a difference?

Because if your files are encrypted after uploading, that means that any hacker could intercept your files as they were being uploaded.

[Read more about Security Here.]

Create the Legal Documents you Need!

As a LegacyArmour client, you receive special discounts from our online legal partner!

Secure Your Legacy

We mail you wallet size EMS cards giving health providers read only access to your health directive in case of an emergency